Ausfans Radio Episode 88 The Weekly Show with Rob Wainfur & Mark Telfer

May 21, 2017

Ausfans Radio Episode 88 The Weekly Show

On tonight's episode we have some films news, history, trivia and a look at a forgotten classic from a great director. Joining Alan is Rob Wainfur of The Bearded Trio & Geek Universal. In our Director Series of special podcasts, we look to Spielberg's franchise. Rob is a true fan of Williams, Lucas & Spielberg and in this episode we look at the Jurassic Park films, and Jurassic Park: The Lost World as we had previously done a special on Jurassic Park which was a lot of fun. We look also at the rest of the series including thoughts on the third and Jurassic World also. Then we have good pal of the show Mark Telfer join us to catch up with some of the latest film talk, look at some classics from the eighties era and talk about films that have been made in Scotland.

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